May 23, 2022

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3 Best Apps for Safe Driving in Canada

Best Apps for Safe Driving in Canada

In most of the cities in Canada, driving rules are very strict. There are many things drivers need to maintain when they are on the road. This all about is only to ensure the most possible safety for drivers. Mobile phone usages aren’t good while driving but it can be helpful in many ways. There are several apps you can use to improve safety when you are in the driver’s seat and the car is rolling. Here below are the 3 best apps for safe driving in Canada.

So, let’s check the list without waiting any more …

NYC Corp Road & Driver Safety

NYC Corp Road & Driver Safety

NYC Corp Road & Driver Safety mobile app is an essential road application, especially for Canadian drivers. The app is developed by Not Your Child Corp. with the help of road safety & breathalyzer professionals and the moto of it is to help you checking BRAC to know your driving conditions before start driving which is very important. Because in matters of life and death, hindsight is just too late!

You can also purchase personal breathalyzers at a discount and get free service alerts, as well as, can win free breathalyzers staying in the know of legal road limits world-wide. You can also get the breathalyzers for wholesale business and corporate events. Besides that, you’ll have a calibration option to register your personal breathalyzer here for service updates or submit your old breathalyzer for re-calibration instead of throwing it away.

Download NYC Corp Road & Driver Safety App for Android / for IOS

Drive Mode

Now it comes to Drive Mode – a free app with a streamlined interfacing interface to answer calls or send and hear messages safely. The app has also voice commands option and large buttons to let you focus on driving without keeping your eyes off the road and a simple swipe or tap functionality to move seamlessly between your favorite apps.

The app is so easy to set up, you can launch it when you start driving. After activating the app, all the incoming calls and messages will be ignored, the phone will go into “Do Not Disturb” mode, and will automatically send text message auto-replies. But, in case, when you need you can even choose to reply to calls and messages using voice commands. A simple, easy to use, and useful safe driving app for drivers.

Download Drive Mode for Android / for IOS

LifeSaver – Families

The LifeSaver Driver Portal for parents is developed and designed to provide an easy way to keep their eyes on their young teenagers. Just ensure the app is installed and active on your young driver’s smartphone. Then it will provide arrival notifications, rewards, automatic scores, and In-drive status that you can see in the in-app dashboard on your phone.

It automatically disables texting and calling while the car is moving, very interesting. But there is also an emergency call and passenger unlock feature which notifies instantly the parent when the phone is unlocked. A must-have driving app for every family who has cars for their young children.

Download LifeSaver app for Android / for IOS