June 6, 2023

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Artemis Hospital Has 100% Success Rate For Hip Replacement in India

When we are in search of the Best Hospitals Hip for Replacements in India, the name of Artemis Hospital Gurgaon, seeks the top position. Why?? It is the results of the treatment at no additional costs that create a shoutout. 

The doctors in the hospital have more than three decades of experience in performing the orthopaedic surgeries, and it makes all the difference. 

Undergoing the treatment at Artemis hospital gives you only your desired life back without any complications post-surgery. The team of orthopaedic doctors and surgeons might add to your stay rime, but they will never grant you a discharge until you can go home risk-free.

What Creates The Difference in Treatment at The Artemis Hospital and Other Treatment Centres in India?

The difference in the treatment at the Artemis hospital and other hospital is due to:

  • The existence of the top orthopaedic surgeons of India
  • It would be unfair if we do not give the credits to the hospital that provide support to the surgeons with the latest technology and advanced equipment
  • Not only the surgeons but the expertise of the caregiver team is highly responsible for delivering the results to the patients
  • The practice of the extensive diagnostic procedures to make sure the eligibility of the patient for a particular treatment
  • Availability of all the automated and advanced forms of treatment
  • Use of minimally invasive surgeries wherever possible, and more

Artemis Hospital does not consider the patient as a money-making machine. For them, human life is essential over anything else. So, they start taking care of the patient right before the surgery.

Here, first, the patient is prepared for the surgery to make the body completely fit and eligible for the treatment.

Once the patient is ready, the doctors forward the case to the surgeons. The surgeons study the diagnosis procedure thoroughly and come up with the solution.

A customised treatment plan is finalised for the patient keeping in mind various prospects that might affect the well-being of the patient. Once the surgery is over, the patient remains to be in the ICU to check for the response of the body to the operation. If everything is fine, the doctors shift the patient to the private ward and assign a caregiver team.

Here, the caregiver team takes proper care of the patient and defines all the do’s & don’ts for the recovery. The instructions are not given orally to the patient, but the complete training is provided to the family on how to deal with the condition after the discharge from the hospital.

It helps to guide the patient for all the pros and cons of his or her action until the recovery. So, the patient would not take any step that might hamper the results of the treatment. 

Final Words:

In Artemis Hospital, the treatment is planned in a way that can deliver the desired results to the patient. Also, one can receive the Cheapest Hip Replacement in India at the hospital. 

When you get every facility at the hospital that satisfies the purpose of treatment, and without the burden on your pocket; the hospital is undoubtedly the best.