December 4, 2022

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Applying the nail fungal cream to the skin 

Different people experience different types of skin diseases such as acne, scarring, beehives, whiteheads, blackheads, etc. They also experience some acute problems due to infections. The skin should always be well-maintained, so that a person does not experience any problems. If the skin is not cleansed properly, then the person is prone to various skin infections. Sometimes, the person experiences some skin problems due to body infections also. The person should properly maintain his nails also because the germs that are present in the nails enter into the oral cavity. Some people experience some fungal problems of the nails. So, they should apply the nail fungal cream India

Problem of fungus in nails

Many people experience severe nail fungus problems and it can be painful to a person. It cans completely permanent cause damage to the nails. It also causes other severe infections and hence should be treated at the earliest. So, a suitable cream or ointment should be applied to the skin to get rid of nail fungus. Some of the other substances that are suitable to the nails are black tea, Epsom salt, apple cedar vinegar, assonated oils, etc. they can apply the best antifungal cream or nail infection cream to get rid of fungal problems. 

Ketomac cream

This cream is suitable to the nails because it contains ketoconazole known as antifungal agent. So, ketoconazole is a substance used to kill fungi and yeast present in the cell membranes. It also curbs the production of ergosterol in the body that helps in weakening the cell membranes. When this substance is produced in the cell membranes, then the unwanted substances constantly enter through the pores of the skin and a person develops infection. So, when fungi in invading the region, then the person are prone to different infections that can spread to the other parts also. So, the antifungal cream for nails in India is used to treat different fungal infections. It is used to kill fungus and clear the infection. 

The ketomac cream is used to treat antifungal substances and it prevents the growth of fungi on the skin. It is used to treat some acute skin infections such as ringworms, jock itch, or athlete’s foot etc. So, due to these reasons different skin problems are caused such as flaking, drying, and other inflammatory skin conditions. 

How to use the antifungal cream to the nails?

This cream should be applied to the affected areas of the skin. So, if the person is suffering from any nail fungus problems, then it should be treated to the nails also. The area should be cleaned and thoroughly dried. The person should first apply a thin layer to the affected area of the skin. They should apply enough medication to the surrounding area of the nails also. But after applying the skin cream, they should not apply bandage to the area. They should retain it for 3 hours and should not apply any cosmetics while they apply the cream. They should apply the antifungal cream for nails in India as directed by the physician.