September 21, 2023

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Android Development And Its Benefits For People Across The Globe

Android Development


Back in the year 2008 the first smartphone was launched by Apple. But Apple, being the company that provides premium quality smartphones does not really target people who belong to a lower class. The smartphones created developed by Apple or iPhone is a product that specifically targets people who have a high affordability. These days if you simply look at the prices of the new Apple iphone then you can notice that on an average you have to spend a thousand dollars to get a new iphone. 

Being a premium product iphone’s prices are way higher than prices mostly charged by other smartphone companies who are creating android phones. Sure, there are android smartphones that also cost just as much as an Apple iPhone but there is also a wide variety of options available for people across the globe that allows people to use a smartphone is even less than half the price they pay for an iPhone. 

According to a well-known and highly experienced company for android app development California, the use of android smartphones is on a much larger scale than the Apple’s iPhone. Now, keep in mind when talking about android phones and iPhone and their differences, we are actually focusing on android and iOS differences. We are basically trying to ascertain how the android technology is has been beneficial for people across the world. Some of the ways through which android phones have served people across the world are as follows:

Easier Communication: Using the android technology to provide smartphones to people all over the world has allowed people to stay in constant contact with each other no matter if they are even sitting across the world from each other. The use of different android apps such as Whatsapp, wechat and other similar apps has allowed people to stay in touch much easily than before.

Affordability: Like mentioned before, affordability is one of the biggest concerns for people across the globe and by delivering a highly responsive smartphone technology in affordable prices, android has helped many people to use this technology in reasonable prices. 

Wide Variety Of Phones: There are more or less a dozen well known companies that create and manufacture android smartphones throughout the world who are well known for their quality and amazing products. Having so many companies globally competing against each other gives the users the chance to choose from a wide variety of smartphones. With each smartphone design being different and providing different specifications, people have the option to choose and use the best phone according to their needs and requirements.

Wide Variety Of Mobile Apps: With android smartphones being in easy reach of the people globally, most app development companies focus on creating mobile apps for android phones because they know they can attract a larger user base if they target android users. By creating an android app, developers are basically targeting the masses which provide them with a higher chance of creating a successful mobile app.


All in all, according to many expert analysts it has been discovered that android development has been very beneficial for people of all the classes. A person belonging to any income group can easily afford an android phone and enjoy the advantages of using a smartphone without having to worry about his or her affordability or budget. And with many android phone companies going head to head in the race to capture the highest market share, it is the users that actually get the advantage because this way they can not only get the best phones in the most affordable prices but also have the option to switch to a much better smartphone as there is a wide variety of options available.