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June 18, 2021

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8 Runner rugs you should buy at a rug store

Buy rugs at rug store

If you are on the verge of finding a rug at a rug store for decoration purposes, runner rugs are the best choices. These rugs make your place look lovely. Moreover, runners allow your space to display a plush look. No doubt it is not less than a welcome note. Of course, at any rug store, you can have many options. There are various designs you need to look at. But what is the end?

No question at all there are various options. Moreover, in terms of style, hues and designs you have no fewer options. At the rugs store, you have almost all rugs under one roof. Either it’s a special rug type or a runner you can have all the things at once. Undoubtedly, runner rugs make your living room a great place to live in. 

Along with living rooms you can also use runners in stairs and hallways as well. These rugs provide comfort and great decor. Therefore, it is the need of the hour to find out the best option. Given below is a list  

1- Golden  area rug

Golden is one of the magnificent rug colours. You can easily add this is a rug in the bedroom. Moreover, they work well with all furniture styles. These rugs add warmth. Not only this but they also show intimacy and comfort. Furthermore, these rugs add elegance. No doubt gold colour truly defines the cosy nature of the room.

2- Light  grey Bokhara area rug

Rugs with complex and vital floral or lilac patterns are best. For example, a lovely light grey Bokhara area rug. Isn’t this one of the most exquisite rugs we’ve ever seen? Runner rugs can be used in your bedroom, dining room, living room, or even the front door of your house.

3- Blue Bokhara area rug

If you are looking for an ocean colour, blue is a perfect choice. Blue is one of the most attractive colours.  In fact, it looks mesmerising. Don’t get confused to buy a blue area rug. At times people are not sure, where you can use a blue rug? Well, this is not a big deal. You can place a blue runner both outside and inside. Use it over the stairs and in the dining room. Rugs add both beauty and warmth in one go.

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4- Ivory Bokhara area rug

Most often, people are confused to choose a runner rug. No doubt there are many colours in the flee market. Don’t be afraid. From hundreds of colours, choose one that is eye-catching. Ivory Bukhara area rugs is a fine choice. These rugs perfectly blend with any space. You can place this rug in boho decor. Infact it is one of the best choices for dining rooms. Last but not least you can also place this rug in sofa rooms as well.

5- Brown  area rug

Without any doubt, there are many hues of brown. For example, almond colour is a charming hue. No doubt it is one of the wonderful brown shades. Therefore you can place a brown rug in your patios as well as in homes. Above all this is one of the perfect shades you should have in your home. 

6- Red Bokhara area rug at rug stores 

Red area rugs look gorgeous. At the time we all get obsessed with this colour. Not only on other home elements, but a red also looks idea. Not only dark or light, but any shade will look amazing. Indeed the red rugs make your floor stand out always. keep in mind once you go for red, you have no go back. Red rugs look spectacular. At rug stores,  you can easily buy one that matches with other elements.  Regardless of the space, this rug works well in any area. However, you can place this rug on patios and doorways.

7- Grey area rug

If you are looking for a soothing colour; grey is the best choice. Grey rugs with some good prints have a good texture. Moreover, these rugs are so unique. If you are looking for some cooling tones, grey is not a bad idea. In fact, it’s worth buying. No doubt a rug is a masterpiece. Traditional rugs are the true picture of skills and hard work.

8- Black runners

Black runners are a great choice. These rugs make your place look beautiful. Moreover black colour suits well with all other colours. If you are having some empty area in your hall, you can place them. Indeed they are so pretty that you cannot ignore them. No doubt there is not any other best choice than these black contemporary rugs.

 If you are not clear about the size, read a rug size guide. For instance, you can measure from the centre. Make sure that there are 4-5 inches of space on both sides. Leave the space so that it serves as a focal point. 

Which rug store is best to buy runner rugs?

As you have come to know many choices.  There is a big question that how to select a rug store? As far as I suggest you, go to the rug gallery columbus. It is one of the most reliable websites. They offer you a  wide variety. Along with designs and colours they have also a high-quality runner. So, don’t wait and buy the rug today. 


Now you have a clear idea about the best runners. So, now it’s time to choose one that suits your home. Rug stores like rug gallery is one of the top rug sellers. You can easily buy a runner that best matches your decor. However, select the colors and designs with care. Although we have only explained a few choices, none of this is a poor choice.