September 21, 2023

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8 Prevention Tips from Hot Weather And Heat-Related Illness

During the summer season, extremely hot weather and heatwaves can create trouble. The heatwaves can take a toll on your health and life, as well. The extremely high temperature can lead to damage to the brain and various other important organs of the body.

The bad health condition can make it difficult for our body to maintain the ideal temperature of the body. Thus, it becomes difficult to beat the heat. The best way to sustain good health during extremely hot weather is to maintain a good immunity system.

There are various bad health conditions that can affect the body cooling mechanism of a person, such as old age, overweight, dehydration, heart-related problems, etc. If you want to stay healthy during extremely hot weather condition, then read the following points:

1. Stay In Cool Places

One of the best ways to cope up with the heat is to avoid hot outside weather. You should stay in the cool indoors. You can maintain cool indoors at the workplace and home by installing air conditioning Sydney.

The air-conditioned places will prevent you from dehydration, heatstroke, and various other heat-related illness. If you want to go outside, then you should visit only air-conditioned places such as the cinema hall, shopping places.

2. Do Not Skip Your Meals

When the atmospheric temperature starts rising, then our body faces various troubles. Our digestive system does not operate efficiently. Lack of appetite is also one of the biggest problems during the summer season.

Most people start skipping meals during the hot summer season, but it leaves a bad impact on the immune system of the body. Skipping meals during the hot summer season can also create various other health problems.

3. Keep Your Body Hydrated

In the hot sweltering summer season, our body produces a huge amount of sweat. The sweating phenomenon helps in keeping our bodies cool. But, excessive sweating leads to loss of salt, water, and mineral from the body.

Therefore, during the hot summer season, you should drink plenty of water. You can also drink fresh fruit juices and lemonade to keep your body hydrated. You should avoid drinking caffeine, such as tea, coffee, and various other caffeinated beverages.

4. Cool Shower

If you want to instantly bring down the temperature of your body, then you should take a cool shower. This is one of the best ways to treat heat-related problems. When anybody suffers from dehydration, then take a cool shower and drink plenty of water.

5. Choose Appropriate Clothing

You should choose the right type of clothing for the summer season. During the hot summer season, you should wear only breathable clothes. It is recommended to choose the cotton fabric clothing for the summer season. The cotton fabric will allow the sweat to evaporate and create a cooling effect.

Also, you should choose a light-colored fabric. You should prefer light-color, light-weight, and loose-fitting fabric. You should also wear sunscreen and a wide-brimmed hat before going outside of your house.

The layer of sunscreen will protect your skin from sunburn and also keep your head cool. You should wear a sunscreen lotion with an SPF value higher than 15. If you are continuously exposed to the sun, then you should reapply sunscreen every 2 hours.

6. Choose Right Time To Go Outside

You should wisely choose the timing to go outside of your house. Also, it is recommended to be less active during the hot summer days, especially during the afternoon. You should plan your outdoor activities either before noon or in the evening time.

Also, you should plan your outdoor visit to air-conditioned places such as shopping malls, cinema halls. You should park your vehicle in the shady area and never leave your kids inside a parked car.

7. Speed Down Yourself

The workout is good for your healthy body. It can improve the good health of the body and strengthen up your immune system. In the summer season, our bodies produce excessive amounts of sweat. It can lead to dehydration and heatstroke.

It is recommended to slow down the pace of exercise and do the workout in a cool and air-conditioned place. Install ducted air conditioning Sydney at your home and start doing exercise.

You should do a workout at home during the summer season. You should slow down the pace of your workout. It is recommended to take a break while doing the workout.

8. Take Help Of Friends & Family

Heatwave in the summer season is very dangerous to older people. The hot summer weather can be life-threatening for older adults. Therefore, they should always stay in contact with friends and family.

The older adults should save the number of friends and family members in their emergency contact list. It will allow them to easily access the number of people whom you can call for immediate help.