June 6, 2023

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7 Ways To Promote Your Business In India

Ways To Promote Your Business In India

To promote your business with the help of traditional and digital media elevates awareness of your brand, reaches new customers, and increases buying options for your pre-existing customers. 

Whether you’re a newbie to the industry or have been in it for years, promoting your business is an eternal challenge. It doesn’t matter if your business is small, medium, or substantial – you can start designing your promotional campaign now. 

Now, if you’re looking to use some good advice on starting up with or expanding your business in India, you’re at the right place!

After thorough research, our team has come up with 7 ways to promote your business in India:

Flyers and cards 

Distributing flyers is an old-school yet effective way to promote your business if your business focuses on a particular area. Design the flyer yourself or take a helping hand and get it printed in good quality. Hire people to distribute the flyers around in busy streets or have them put them on parked cars or house entry doors.

Having a business card and business stationery show your customers that you take your business seriously, when you’re just starting. It’s a must to have your web address on your business card and letterhead. Finally, distribute your cards through your family, friends, or anyone who can help you in your search for new customers.

Emailing potential customers

You’ll need to shortlist your potential buyers who are most likely to invest in your products and mail them regularly. You can opt-out professional help from internet marketing agencies to have your list of customers.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

As far as conversion is concerned SEO leads are considered to be the best. When you invest in SEO and choose from the best link building services, your ranking gains a huge boost. Your chances of getting a high return on your investment increase significantly. SEO activities are time-consuming, although, once a good position is secured you can continue working on it and enjoy the fruits of SEO. 

Third-Party Listing

There are so many websites and portals on the web today providing the flexibility to sell your products. Whether to give a hike to your sales or promote your business online you can join them.

Pretty good results and business leads will be offered to you by these third-party websites and local directories. Though, it is not advisable to buy a paid package from any third-party site. There is a chance of receiving poor leads from them to justify the package.

Promotion through Social media

One of the most effective strategies marketers use today is viral marketing. Take a professional cinematographer’s help and shoot a creative video on your products and services.

Share it on Youtube and all other video streaming websites. It will give your product a solid reach and provide you with an established position for online business promotions.

Today, social media is an immense part of our lives. Promoting on these platforms increases awareness about your business. Setting your business page up on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, or any social networking websites, where most of your customers are most likely to hang out and visit, use social media as a tool for your marketing mix.

Social media is not only just a gaining exposure tool but also, it can be used to generate engagement with the buyers of your products.  

Binge Marketing 

This technique is going to help you and give you good business leads if you’re good at content creation. You have to create engaging content to attract an audience as they are the most important aspect as we all want to grow our interest in the content as well as in the audience.

And you should always keep on engaging the contents in the website so that our audience can have enough engaging stuff in the same. When you are creating any content try to make it connectable with the audience as if they will relate more, the website will have more attention.

And further you can also post in like a series, in this way, you can make them enthusiastic for your post or articles. 

Furthermore, in this particular field, you do need to be proficient enough as you need to attract attention irrespective of the time. This kind of Marketing is getting hyped nowadays, hence, we need to research as well as per our requirement.

Register your business officially

It is always wise to submit your website to local listing services & directories. You must register your business with Google Places for your website to be found more easily on Google searches.

Also, it will navigate you on Google Maps. Yahoo, on the other hand, also has a large database of businesses, that is, Yahoo Local, which is free and it will take a few minutes to sign up. 

  • Find trade organization websites and exclusive directories
  • Next, register yourself
  • Lastly, verify and claim your information on these sites. 


What we listed here are the basic yet effective online and offline marketing tips that can be applied to set up a business in India and to further promote it. 

However, hiring a professional digital marketing agency will increase your odds of achieving success. Also, you should look for link-building services in India to promote your business in India the right way. This is because online business promotion ideas work effectively when they are run and coordinated by experts.