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June 18, 2021

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7 Reasons Why Regular All-Girls Trips Are Important


Travel, water, sunshine, and the power of great relationships with people who know and love you best are all excellent for the soul. One of the nicest sorts of holidays is a girls’ getaway. Women-only travel groups are gaining popularity all over the world. Women are opting to own their individuality and doing a lot of things by themselves. Women who take girls-only trips with their sisters, cousins, closest friends, children, or moms have learnt to prioritise themselves and recognise the benefits of such excursions. Girls’ holidays include bachelorette parties, spa days, road excursions, hiking, and adventure trips. There are so many options for all-girls trips and that’s what makes it so intriguing!

It doesn’t have to be lavish, but a few days away from the norm with a few trusted ladies can be a tremendous detox, especially if you’re going through a bad patch. That said, the previous year (2020, to be exact) has been difficult for everyone. Even while the epidemic is far from done, it will not last indefinitely. So, everyone deserves a break, and the best breaks are trips, which are even better when you have all your girlfriends with you. While virtual travel is always an alternative that allows you to be everywhere, nothing beats having a good time with your girlfriends on a beach, an island, or in the mountains amidst nature.

There are a variety of reasons why women desire to travel with their girlfriends, whether they are single and want to see the world, attached and just want to take a break from their relationship, or want to start over. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why women should go on all-girls holidays as soon as possible.

1.    Creating New Friendships

Girls-only vacations are an excellent opportunity to meet new people. You may run across other groups of buddies who are also at the same location as you. It doesn’t matter if it’s a guys’ group, a ladies group, or a mixed bag – it’s always a good time to interact and broaden your circle of friends.

2.    Giving Yourself a Treat

When was the last time you sat down for a meal and didn’t have to think about how many calories you were consuming? When was the last time you suited up without being concerned about what others thought of your outfit? Isn’t it difficult to recall? An all-girls trip isn’t the place to make snap decisions; it’s the place to have pure, unadulterated pleasure. So go ahead and dress as you want and eat whatever you want. Leave all of your worries at home and just have fun!

3.    Creating New Memories

This includes attempting new things, whether it’s adventurous activities, new food, or a new sport; they all count and will provide you with additional memories to share and remember fondly. Experts say that when women travel with their girlfriends, they are more inclined to be adventurous. Your pals will always have your back and encourage you to have more fun.

4.    Changing Your Point of View

It’s usually a good idea to take a break from your normal routine every now and then. Working, babysitting children, and attending to all of life’s minor things takes a toll. Travelling, on the other hand, helps you to observe life and yourself from a different perspective. The shared experience of travelling with your girlfriends helps you to see life in a new context, away from all the trappings of real life. The wonderful voyage and all of the action-packed thrills you and your girlfriends have might help you realize how much you miss the good old days!

5.    It is Invigorating

When you’re a wife, a mother, or both, it’s easy to lose sight of who you are in your work. When you travel with your gal pals, you have the chance to realign with yourself, away from the alienating and stressful demands of everyday life. Many women are tackling many tasks at once and want the option to delegate part of their responsibilities to others so that they may focus exclusively on themselves. Rest and relaxation are important aspects of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This sort of respite is vital for women to recharge and remember that they are not alone.

6.    Feeling More Connected

We don’t notice how engrossed we are in our own life until it begins to affect us. We don’t get to devote as much time as we’d want to talk and sit with our friends. Setting aside a day, or even better, a weekend, can help you get closer so you can catch up on all the crucial tasks you’ve been putting off for far too long. Even though it has been a long time since you last saw them, you will feel as if it has only been a day.

7.    Enjoying Life

A trip spent with your girlfriends is a fantastic way to mark the passing of time. It doesn’t have to be about a particular occasion, but it will be considerably more pleasurable and memorable if it is. Going on holiday together is all about appreciating life – all of its ups and downs, all of the experiences you’ve had in the past, and all of the adventures that lie ahead. It’s all about resting and unwinding while having fun with the people you’re with!

While the current global scenario prevents our conscience from freely travelling as it once did, this will not last indefinitely. You could always take a girls-only excursion via virtual travel tours while the planet is still on the mend. Smartphone applications like Proxgy have made live guided virtual tours more accessible, personal, and engaging thanks to the pandemic and digitalization.

The Proxgy app makes use of smart helmets with 360-degree camera technology to provide users with an immersive travel experience via a virtual avatar (or Proxgy) that is allocated to them when they choose the Proxgy for Travel option on the user app. Furthermore, while seeing the sights and sounds of their chosen place, travellers will be able to engage with their Proxgies in real-time.

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!