September 21, 2023

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5 UI/UX Design Tips For iOS App Development

With the rapid increase in demand for mobile applications, developers are in process of polishing their development skills. When it comes to creating an amazing mobile application, along with development the designing of apps must also be the center of attention. iOS platform is the one that has never failed in providing users the best experience within apps. As it follows strict UI/UX guidelines that need to be followed if you want to publish your app on the Apple Store. an iOS app that doesn’t violate any of the guidelines and satisfies all the needs of users is difficult to create as it needs attention from a variety of different elements.

Hire an experienced iOS application development service company that knows how to create outstanding apps that gives perfect user-experience. There are some UI/UX design tips that you should keep in mind as an iOS developer or as an enterprise while creating an iOS app.

1. User Convenience

It is important for mobile applications to be made according to the convenience of users. While designing the app, you must ensure that there is enough space available among all the elements of iOS app. It will allow users to navigate through the app and tap easily on each element. If the design elements are not larger and placed close to each other, it would make difficult for the users to use the app. This may result in leaving a negative impact on the iOS app users, thus while designing take help from human interface guidelines available for iPhone apps. User-friendly and convenient apps allow easy access for users making their in-app experience wonderful. 

2. Adaptive Design

The iOS platform is huge containing a large number of devices that have varying resolutions. You must create a design layout that is adaptive enough to adjust every type of iOS device. Your iOS app UI design should be highly flexible that fulfills all the needs of your app users. You shouldn’t scale up the size of your iOS app, instead your iOS app’s UI must be expanded accordingly. While building your UI, keep in mind the different devices, screens and sizes and create design that supports them all. You should also consider different things like when users access iOS apps in large devices having huge screens or in the landscape view, it has left navigation instead of tab bar. 

3. Right Mix of Colors

Be very careful while choosing the color combination and theme for your iOS app. Make sure the color combination you’re using is according to your brand’s personality or not. It should represent the true values of your business, never go for colors that aren’t relevant to your brand. Keep in mind the color psychology behind each color and how these colors evoke different kinds of emotions. You need to communicate with the audience through your UI, thus the colors should connect your brand with the audience on an emotional level. The right selection of colors helps in creating a positive image for your brand in the audience’s mind. Use proper color contrast that improves user engagement and provides better interactive experience.  

4. Balancing Text & Design

Attractive and engaging iOS app design is not just limited to the elements and right selection of colors. There are much more things that need to be focused while designing the UI/UX of iOS app. There should be perfect balance of the theme and content within the app. Too much design elements and bunch of different colors could make the user frustrated that result into the abandonment of iOS app. Create design that has best combination of both the things which eventually grabs the attention of target customers. Thus, design the layout for your app smartly by placing the visual elements with your content in right alignment. Use eye-catching background colors and custom fonts to instantly gain the attention of your target audience.   

5. Readable Text Size for Clear View

Well-organized and interactive content creates a long-lasting and memorable impact on the audience. Selecting the style of your fonts with great care as blunder at it could make the entire iOS app’s content unreadable. When it comes to the readability and understandability of your app’s content, font size also matters a lot. Correct selection of font size and style would make your content legible. Good typography also plays a vital role in making the reading experience of your users amazing by using dynamic view of text. While designing the UI of your iOS app, spacing also needs to be focused. It should be appropriate so that it doesn’t affect the readability of your iOS app’s content. 


Mobile applications are entirely different as compared to the website platform. Users need to operate the app by tapping on the screen with their fingers, while for web apps you need a mouse or clicker. Thus, extra attention should be paid while creating the design and layout for iOS applications. This article gives you all the necessary tips related to UI/UX design for iOS apps. Following these tips could help you in creating an exceptional interface design for the app that grabs audience attention giving the perfect user-experience.