December 5, 2022

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5 Things You Should Know About Toupee For Men


With the rapid rise in popularity of men’s toupees, it’s only natural to have many questions about the functionality, benefits, and more. A toupee is a quick fix to any hair related confidence problem you may have and it is the least dangerous way to get a full mop of hair for your head.

Here are 5 facts you should know before embarking on your hair care journey.

1. No Surgery

This is perhaps one of the most attractive features of a hairpiece. It is a non-invasive procedure which means that you don’t need a prescription to get it, you don’t even have to consult a doctor before purchasing a hairpiece.

It is also one of the safest methods as it is non-invasive the chances of anything going wrong are slim to none as compared to a cosmetic hair transplant surgery where you are put under anaesthesia for it to be performed.

2. Fast results

The human hair toupee for men provides quick results for anyone in a fix and wants to look their best. It takes minutes to put on unlike procedures like surgical hair replacement for men where you can only see the output after 6 to 8 months which is way too long to wait for that boost in your confidence.

3. Not Permanent

Nothing changes as fast as style. This makes getting a toupee over a procedure an even bigger advantage. If you don’t like the way the toupee looks, you can easily order another style the next time you place an order with Times New Hair.

The same cannot be said for those who opt for more permanent changes to their hair. It is much more challenging to change hairstyles if it is done surgically.

4. Economic

Buying human hair toupees for men is much more economical than any of the present options available. It costs a fraction of the cost of cosmetic surgery and toupees if taken care of the correct way can last for a very long time.

Corporate Insurance toupees made from real hair can last even longer. Moreover, buying in bulk will significantly reduce the cost per piece.

5. Easy Maintenance

While a toupee is low maintenance, it still requires a certain degree of care and nurturing to continue to look great. If these wigs are not maintained properly, they may lose their shine and the way they fall, making them look more synthetic than real.

Toupees need to be washed dried and styled now and then. You will also have to get haircuts for your natural hair to make sure it is the same level as you toupee this makes your hairstyle look more realistic.


There are many positives to buying a toupee instead of getting a costly, risky procedure done. There are many leading companies that sell human hair toupee for men like Times New Hair.

While buying your hairpiece if you have any questions about the process feel free to contact Times New Hair, the leading exporter of men’s toupees with decades of experience. They have professionals who will make your experience as seamless as possible.