September 21, 2023

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5 Things You Need to Know About PUBG Mobile Android App

Mobile Android App

PUBG Mobile Android App

Games mobile applications have always been everyone’s favorite. Whether it’s weekend, regular days or any time of the day, gamers start playing the ones they love. Many games are addictive which makes the users stick to that particular game for years. They do not even want to switch from that one game to any other. One of the most amazing games that became popular within just no time is PUBG. With its massive success on PC, the company launched an outstanding android app with the name PUBG mobile. Just like the success of the PC version of this phenomenal game, great response was received for the android app too. 

There are many amazing features introduced within the mobile version of PUBG game. Have a look at the 5 things you need to know before starting your first game at PUBG android app. Servers Are Too Busy Error On PUBG

1. Customize Your Controls

In PUBG mobile android app you move forward with a virtual control stick present on the left side. This setting is by default within the app and you need to use your right thumb to control where to go. Several functions in the game are performed using virtual buttons available at the right of screen. These functions include fire, crouch, aim down sights, access backpack and go prone etc. You have the option to customize the layout of your app’s virtual buttons. It can be done by sliding the buttons around and editing their transparency and size. Freedom is given to PUBG mobile users for saving multiple layout presets. Choose the button you’re most comfortable with and that brings out the best when playing the game. 

2. Take Advantage of Your Map

In PUBG mobile, a dotted line is also provided that directs users straight to the marker. It’s done from the current location and also tells the distance you’re away from it. While you are on the lane, looking at the marker line you would know the best time to jump off the plane. It helps in arriving at the exact desired location. Moreover, you must pay extra attention to the minimap that is placed at the top right corner of your screen. During your regular pay, have an eye on this map as it can track gun fire and also helps in approaching vehicles within the game. Along with these advantages, you are also alerted constantly about the dangers that may arise, helping you stay safe from enemies. 

3. Keep Moving & Keep Alert

If you’ve previously played PUBG games, you would know that you need to hold down your left thumb. It’s because you have to look around for moving further, a running icon pops up on the screen. Slide your thumb over the icon and you’ll notice your character being locked into sprinting mode. It then removes the need to continue holding down your left thumb on the button. While the sprinting is in auto mode, you can hold the camera icon displayed below the map. Dragging it around would give you a free look without requiring the change of direction you are currently running to. It helps in checking your horizons for opponent players to make you hard to hit.

4. Looting Jets More Efficient

You can automatically pick up all the weapons and items that appear in your way by default. There are multiple compatible gun attachments available within the android app of PUBG. You can find the attachment you want, and it snaps these to your weapons’ cache. It’s a really cool and useful feature available in the PUBG android app that eliminates the hassle of finding the suitable one. It’s also helpful when you require supplies badly at the early stage of the game. Some users stop within a certain area and try to collect all the supplies which makes it easy for enemies to shoot you. Thus, don’t stop at a certain point and keep moving while you pick up the things. You also have the liberty to carry and manage your backpack. 

5. Directional Feedback

Sound is one of the most important elements in PUBG mobile apps. This game uses directional audio that’s related to the direction of your camera. Thus, if you suddenly hear footsteps of someone in your left headphone, it’s because an enemy is nearby at the left your location. It’s an amazing feature that this popular game offers which isn’t available in most of the online games. There must be users that don’t have a pair of headphones. Considering such users, PUBG mobile also offers additional visual information instead of simple audio cues. If you have been shot in the game, users become curious to know where the bullet came from. After the last shot, a hit-marker appears at the center of your mobile screen that indicates the direction of the bullet. 

PUBG Mobile Download For Android

PUBG Mobile Download


There are multiple android application development services providers that create amazing gaming apps. But the one that became most popular among the audience is PUBG mobile. A rapid increase in the number of PUBG android app users have been noticed during the past few months. If you’ve recently downloaded the android app, this article makes you aware about some amazing features of the PUBG mobile app.