October 6, 2022

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4 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Document Management System

Document Management System

It’s the year 2021. The days of paper storage are long gone. It has become essential for all small, medium, and large businesses to move from a paper-based way of managing documents to an electronic document management system. Such a system can set your business up for success by securely storing all your important documentation.

However, choosing between various document management solutions is not an easy task. The market is crowded with a plethora of vendors. What exactly should businesses be looking for?

This guide will help you understand the basics of document management systems and discuss four things you should consider before buying one for your business.

4 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Document Management System

1. Features

Businesses invest in document management solutions to make their lives easier. Hence, a system’s features are what you should primarily be focusing on.

Here are some of the most important features of a document management system that you should be looking for when shopping:

·       Document Storage

This is the most basic and important function of a document management solution. The system should securely store your company’s documents and provide access to them easily, whenever needed.

·       Keyword Search

Good document management systems have broad keyword search options, so you can simply access any document based on some very specific keywords. Some systems also come with tags and metadata features that make it very easy to recall documents. For example, if you tag all your invoices as “invoice,” you can simply search “invoice” in the system and find all the related documents.

·       Permissioned Access

To ensure a document management solution works for your business, you should invest in one that allows access to certain documents for your employees. By creating document permissions, you can choose which of your employees can view or edit a specific document and which are barred from doing either.

·       Document Access Monitoring Tools

Most businesses have sensitive information that, if leaked, can cause harm to their reputation or business dealings. For this reason, many document scanning solutions like Smooth Solutions come with access and monitoring tools. These tools allow businesses to monitor who is accessing what documents within the company.

·       Document Restoration and Edit History

Your document scanning solution must have restoration options and provide a detailed edit history to see who in the organization edits what documents. This will allow you to keep your old documents and view the ones that have been revised. You can keep track of the changes made to documents at specific times by specific employees.

2. Vendor Reputation

The vendor you select for your management system can make or break your experience. Hence, it is highly crucial that you conduct research and purchase software from a reputable document scanning company like Smooth Solutions with several years of experience.

Avoid vendors who offer standard solutions for every type and size of the organization. Find one that will create a system that is tailored to fit your company. Ensure that the software you select is adaptable and scalable. It should align with your unique compliance and administrative needs.

3. Effective and Flexible Security

The most important aspect of investing in document management systems is to keep all your files safe and sound at all times. If your system is not safe, hackers might easily access your business’ data servers and steal information that can harm your business. If security is coming at an expense, we suggest that you prioritize it. This is because you can replace money fast, but you cannot substitute critical data quickly.

Look for a management system that offers strong security features. The system should specify who can view, read, write, edit, and delete files and information. If possible, choose a system that requires two-step verification from all users, so if a hacker ever decides to target your company, they will have to pass through two secure “walls” before they can reach your data.

4. Integration Capabilities

Think of document management systems as puzzle pieces: your business may lose an integral component without them and may not run at peak performance. Without proper document-handling systems, your operations might crumble into chaos.

You can easily integrate a reliable document management solution with different existing business systems, such as a Customer Relation Management (CRM) System. Using a document management solution, you can add proposals to your existing CRM systems. You can even integrate your document management solution with your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software to boost productivity in your organization.

Final Words

Business owners, afraid to look into new document management systems, limit their organization’s potential to succeed. The landscape of the business model is constantly changing with time, and adapting to these changes by selecting the right software can pave the way for better document management in the future.