September 21, 2023

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3 Best Money Making Chat Apps

Due to the evolution of internet technology, it’s getting very easier to connect with peoples around the world. This helps us a lot like getting expert advice or consultation online from anywhere is just a piece of cake today. There are lots of people who are looking for help online in different topics. So as a celebrity, influencer, fitness trainer, makeup artist, or a plumber, you can take this opportunity and make it work easily to make money using your time the way you want. You only need to know where to start. Here in this post, I have listed the best 3 money making chat apps that lets you earn money helping others via video calls and chats.

Quartrly – Video Calling Marketplace

Quartrly is our first pick on this list and you’ll love it. It’s one of the most growing peer-to-peer video calling marketplaces where people connect with anyone like celebrities, influencers, topic experts, sports players, etc. You’ll have the opportunity to talk directly with your chosen person via live video call, each video call is set to 15-minutes which is called a Quartr. So, if you are a famous person or someone who is knowledgeable and expert in a certain topic, Quartrly could be a new earning stream for you! It’s easy to use and flexible. You’ll be able to set your own schedule as you wish. Just pick the days and times you want to take Quartr calls and set the fees you want to charge for a 15-minute video call as well, then your customers choose one that’s convenient for them.

For a user, booking a Quartr is easy too! Open the app > use the Search field at the top to search for a person or #tag > pick the person you want to talk to and check out their rate. After checking, if you agree with the rate, simply click the ‘Book a Quartr’ button. That’s it! If you are in a hurry and want to talk to them immediately, you can do that if they have set themselves to ‘Available’. If you are really looking for a new reliable way to make some extra cash from home, Quartrly is a nice choice to start with.

Download Quartrly for Android

Hummr – Get Paid for Helping via Calls & Chats

Hummr is another nice money-making chat app that built for everyone to get help in their projects, advising, consulting, counseling, etc. The app is free and easy to sue. To find and choose the right person for your task or project, simply search for people with their name, email, bio, qualifications, jobs, and skills. Once you have got the person you are looking for then chat with him/her about your issues.

On the other hand, you can become a service provider on Hummr and earn good money by advising, consulting, tutoring, or any service you can provide via video chat. So, if you are really good at something with vast knowledge and have excellent communication skills, you can definitely earn good money through Hummr helping others via video calls and text chat. 

Download Hummr for Android

Fliffr: Live Video Marketplace 4+

Fliffr is our last pick here, a well-known live video marketplace for everyone. You can easily buy other’s services or sell your own services on Fliffr. It’s free, simple, and easy to find the advice, expertise, and skills you are looking for — any suggestion or advice for any problem, guides, consultation, live instruction for critical tasks, etc. To find the provider that suited you, simply search through its’ vast database of experts, freelancers, and tutors. You’ll always get personalized help, suggestion, support, and advice on any topic via live video or simply a voice call.

With Fliffr it’s easy to find gigs and monetize your skills and knowledge. It allows you to decide and set when you want to work, so no problem. As a freelancer, you should give it a shot.  Work from home or ‘on the go’ anytime, anywhere via live video, and earn money. Undoubtedly, a great get paid to chat app. 

Download Fliffr for IOS