February 1, 2023

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10 Things You Must Know Before Appearing For A Laser Treatment


There are many skin ailments or even accidents that can leave stubborn scars. It is found that visible scars on the face can degrade your self-esteem and confidence. Nobody wants to have scary scars on their face. Fortunately, some treatments can help us disappear such scars. While some marks can be removed with the help of topical medications, some scars need advanced treatments. 

Laser treatment is one such advanced option for treating your scar. This treatment work like magic to make your scar disappear forever. However, you must consult your dermatologists in Chennai before opting for laser treatment. If you are entirely fit for it, you must go for the treatment. 

A Bajaj Finserv Health EMI card can cover all your medical expenses for the treatment. If your health insurance covers skin ailments, you can get cashless treatment. While it can cover your expenses, there are sure things you need to ensure to get the best results. 

If you opt for laser treatment for the first time, you need to know a few things about it. Here are a few facts about laser treatment you must know before appearing for the treatment. 

#1 Cannot Get Rid Of All Scars

You need to understand that laser treatment can never get rid of your car ultimately. Laser treatment can help you prevent a scar from forming, reduce the pain or itch on the scar, and limit the growth of the scar. 

#2 Results Depend on Your Dermatologists 

Laser treatment is indeed a go-to preference for dermatologists in Chennai as it helps in lightening any skin scars. The result of your treatment largely depends on the expertise of your dermatologist. Hence, it is essential to find a professional who has specialized skills. 

#3 Medical Consultation Is A Must

Not everyone is aware of what to do before or post the treatment. Hence, it would be smart to appear for medical consultation before the treatment. You can also discuss your apprehensions with your dermatologists to relieve stress. Dermatologists can best prepare you for the treatment.

#4 Sun Protection Before and After Treatment

UV rays can be harmful to your laser treatment before and after the surgery. If you have sunburn or tanning on your skin, your dermatologist will not be able to conduct the treatment. Also, keep your skin away from the sun even after days of the treatment. 

#5 A Few Lifestyle Changes

Not just your skin, your entire lifestyle has to be prepared for the laser treatment, quit smoking treatment, stop vitamin E, aspirin, or any other supplements, at least two weeks before. Stop using skincare products like retinoid or glycolic acid that can disrupt your skin balance. 

#6 Treatment More Than Just Laser

Another essential thing to note is that your treatment is more than just the laser. Your dermatologist can use more than one treatment for your scars. If you go for a laser treatment, and you see your dermatologist using filler treatment, you must freak out; it would be better for you. 

#7 More Than One Sitting

If you think laser treatment is a one-time affair that you can get over with just one sitting, you are probably mistaken. You will need to visit your dermatologist till there are evident results. 

#8 Post-Treatment Care

Not only at the clinic, but you also need to take care of your skin even after the treatment at home. Consult your dermatologists in Chennai to suggest you the best ways to preserve your skin after surgery at home. 

#9 Results May Take Time

Don’t expect instant results from your laser treatment. You must remain, patients, as it requires some time to the treatment work on the skin. It works differently on different people, so, there is no need to panic.

#10 Ascertain Insurance Cover

There are insurance houses that may or may not cover laser treatment. Before opting for the treatment, it would be best to discuss it with the company to avoid chaos afterward.

The Bottom Line

Are you embarrassed by your scars? Does it reduce your confidence and self-esteem? If yes, then you should opt for the laser treatment. It is an efficient skin treatment that can make your scars disappear and give you back your confidence. To avoid side effects and get the best results, everyone must know what to expect from the treatment. 

The above mentioned were a few essential facts you must know before scheduling your laser treatment with your dermatologists in Chennai. Make sure to be thoroughly aware of the treatment.